On this past Sunday, we kicked off our program year at Minnehaha with Rally Day. We had a lively service outside, met & blessed a great collection of volunteers to teach our children, went to classrooms, reconnected with friends, dined, painted faces, rode bikes, and more. It was a celebration.

As part of this celebration, we introduced our theme for the year: Peace Like a River. Throughout the year, we’ll be coming back to this as a touchpoint, to help us frame all of our seeking, serving, and celebrating.

Over the past two years, we talked about “stepping into the story.” This story of God’s love – we’re each a part of it, it’s our story as much as it’s the story of Abraham, King David, and the disciples. We are called to share God’s love with the world, and in doing so: we change the world.
In the midst of this is the driving force of and for peace. Jesus, the Prince of Peace, taught us that this bringing peace to the world wouldn’t be easy.  He made sure we knew that this peace wasn’t for a select few. He made sure we knew that peace wasn’t about sitting quietly and not causing trouble. He made sure we knew that living a life of peace – that striving for justice and love for all – this will change the world.

We don’t sing about peace like a quiet pond deep in the woods. We sing about peace like a river: a powerful, dynamic force that leaves its imprint, that changes all in its path. Peace like a river that provides, that nourishes, that alters the world.

What would this kind of peace look like in your own life? In your children’s lives? What might a world of peace look like? Join us as we explore peace like a river.


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