As we continue on with the new program year, we settle into routines at church. Many of us tend to sit in the same pews, take the same path to Sunday School, linger in the same areas. Routines can be a great comfort to us in a world that isn’t usually in our control. These routines – this structure – offers security to our children as well. Knowing what’s expected when reduces anxiety, and increases involvement.
This applies to our time in worship as well. For those of you who might have wondered why we don’t have Sunday School at the same time as worship at Minnehaha – it’s because we not only like having children as part of worship on the whole, but we also know how good it is for children to be a part of worship. We believe that making it a part of their routine helps them become more integrated in the community. Additionally, worship offers building blocks which will be essential as they continue to grow in their faith. So what are these building blocks? Here are just a few (there are countless more):
  • They learn to take time from their busy days, from running around, to focus on God, and to learn how to take God’s love out into the world.
    One hour committed to learning and prayer, to praise and reflection, to offering and to blessing. One beautiful hour.
    Perhaps your child might not be focusing? It takes time to figure out, for all of us, but by surrounding them in a community that has this as their intention, you present this as a value.  Worried your child might keep others from focusing? Pshaw, not a concern. We’re going to work on this all together. 
  • They experience true intergenerational community, and know that they are a valued, celebrated part of this community.
    Look around the sanctuary during worship – see people of all ages together, listen to their voices come together in prayer or song. Greet one another with peace. There’s not many other places in our daily lives where we have this kind of opportunity.
  • They participate in rituals – the routines – of worship.
    Some rituals are an ancient and global part of Chrisitianity – like saying the Lord’s Prayer –  while other rituals are more unique to Minnehaha. By coming and participating in worship each week, they hear the prayers, the joys and concerns of others, they hear commitments made to help them grow in baptismal promises, they hear scripture that gives words to what they might be feeling. The more they participate in these rituals, the more comfortable they become, and the more comfortable they become, the more at home they will be in worship, and the more at peace they are to explore their faith.
So, consider making worship part of your Sunday morning routine. And, take time to talk with your children about what you do in worship and why.
And, please know that one of the wonderful things about Minnehaha is that people in the pews get kids, and know that they might cry, or forget to whisper, or want to make funny faces at the people sitting behind them. They are welcomed and treasured.

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