For the past few weeks in Sunday School, our children have been hearing different parables. Jesus used parables to help teach his followers, to make a point to his opposers, to give people a way to better understand the kingdom of heaven.
Most of us need help with understanding this.  The kingdom of heaven is here, it’s coming; the kingdom of heaven is in us, it’s around us; the kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed.
We’re not going to get it all figured out, that’s for certain. But, we work hard with our kids here at Minnehaha to keep them questioning and wondering. We want them to know that’s is okay to be confused, to have doubts. And, we want them to know that we’re with them through all of this – that as a community we are seeking what it means to be followers of Christ, and what it means to be God’s hands in the world.
We are with them in their confusion, in their wonder, in their discovery, in their joy, in their sorrow, in their calm and in their chaos. We are with them when faith in God comes easily, and when it seems impossible to believe. We are with them: this is being a community of seekers, this is being a church family.



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