Easter’s almost here! We’ve been waiting for this – making our through the dark wood during Lent, exploring what gifts there are in fear and doubt and wandering. We’ve been waiting for this – for life to make it’s way through the frozen ground, for buds to show on trees, to feel the sun’s warmth. We know that all of this waiting is part of the wonder and beauty of life. That the gifts of the dark wood that we examined as part of our Lenten observation are real, that the trees that look dead are about to show us that they are indeed alive, that bulbs underground are preparing to break forth.
We know that we needed this winter, and we know as certainly and wonderfully that we need this spring – that we need Easter.
Each year, we are gifted – through nature as well as through the Easter story – with the incredible truth: God is life and love, and God conquers death and brings us life. We see the gift of life and hope all around us, we see God all around us. Even though it’s still a bit muddy and grey, head outside: look for spring’s arrival with every sense. Celebrate with your children the miracle of Easter!


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