I am always so excited for summer’s arrival, to depart from regular routines, to live outside a bit more. I am equally excited to say goodbye to summer, I am ready for routines to return and for autumnal blue skies. I always love the color of leaves changing, the smell of pumpkins, visiting apple orchards, and even back-to-school shopping. But, for me the most comforting part of fall is that return to routine. Having a predictable rhythm to our days offers security. And, as you do when a “new year” begins, I find myself considering how we want to being this (school) year anew. What do we want as part of our daily routines? What do we want in our weekly routines? How will we achieve that allusive balance? How will we make time for all the things we want to do? How will we make time for each other? What activities will invigorate us? What things will offer us renewal? What will offer time for connection?

We consider all of this things as a church family as well, and so, as a new program year begins, we consider how we balance all that we do. What are we doing to seek, serve, and celebrate? What are we doing to bring God’s transforming love to the world? What are we doing to be a sanctuary – a place where all feel welcome and safe and are blessed?
We hope that you will make Minnehaha a part of your routines this year, and that you will join with our community in opportunities to connect with one another and the world, that you will find this community one that renews, that you will find this a place where God’s work is done.

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