We’ve had a full and good start to the 2019 year – from adventures away (bouldering with the youth, winter retreat with all ages), to celebrating and connection at home (infant recognition, young family dinner, and the return of Minnehaha Wednesday Nights). We’ve reflected on what a means to be a good neighbor, and honed in on the words of our peace prayer using American Sign Language. And, as we plan the rest of the year, we continue to think about this balance.
How do we grow connections within our community, how do we help  our children to grow while also looking beyond our comfort, beyond our walls to form connections and work for peace in the larger world?
We’ll work on this as we focus this winter on sexuality education: with an event for third through eighth graders at the end of February, and a parent night for parents of young children in March.
We’ll work on this as we welcome the Daud family to share about their trip to Somalia, and begin to work out the details of our Urban Bound Youth Mission experience.
We’ll work on this as we gather for Sunday School and Wednesday Night programming, as we worship, as we visit.
We’re grateful you are a part of this community, of this work, and look forward to seeking, serving, and celebrating together.

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