With Halloween behind us, and temperatures consistently below freezing, it seems a little easier to believe that it in fact time to prepare for Christmas and all that comes with it. Yes, Thanksgiving does come first, and I don’t want to rush through a month of gratitude. The reality for us, though, is we’ve got just four sessions of Sunday School left before the Christmas Pageant, so pageant preparations have already begun. We’ll be practicing and taking pictures with classes during Sunday School. Of course, in the midst of it, we’ll be remembering and reminding each other what it’s all about, why all the preparations? Why the anticipation? What the excitement? We are celebrating that light came into darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it. We are celebrating that God came into the world, a baby, to shepherds and Wise Folk. We are celebrating that, just as the innkeeper, we have the chance to make rooms in our lives for LOVE.


And, if you want to practice at home – we’ve got a parent guide and lyric sheets available at church, and here is a link to a youtube channel with practice videos:

Pageant Rehearsal Videos


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