Why do we make time for this?
Because it gives the children a chance to:

  • Help lead worship with music – serving community
  • Approach the stories of faith from a different perspective – building faith
  • Learn about different cultures through music – building community
  • Celebrate & encourage use of their voice as beautiful and strong – building disciples


How do we set this up?
Children’s Music is a part of our Sunday Faith Formation Time

What do they do in music?
They make a joyful noise – sometimes with their voices, and sometimes with instruments.

  • Our music volunteers are professional musician educators who have years of experience engaging and teaching children.
  • With them, our children are learning basic music skills, being exposed to different instruments and styles of music, and have access to a wealth of knowledge.

 Please mark these dates on your calendars – these are Sundays when the children will be singing in worship.

  • We sing at both services – at the end of the 9:00am service and at the beginning of the 11:00am service.
  • On dates when your child is singing – please have them in their choir room at 9:30 to rehearse.
  • Please let Julia (Cherubs) or Eric (Children) know if your child will not be able to join us these dates so they can plan accordingly

November 17th: Cherub Choir
December 15th: Children’s Choir
SPECIAL – SUNDAY AFTERNOON, December 15th: Cherub & Children’s Choir – Christmas Pageant, 4pm
February 23rd: Children’s Choir
April 5th – Palm Sunday: Cherub Choir
April 12th – Easter: Children’s Choir
May 17th – Children’s Sunday: Cherub & Children’s Choir